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The recent fire in our attic over the main oven caused a business disruption for the past two weeks. Repairs are being completed by Sat. April 8, 2017. It is our plan to re-open for daily service to all on Monday April 10. Check us out on "Facebook" ...like us and enjoy a "warm, cozy " reception when you come in next week.

We are deeply grateful to the quick actions of our staff on-shift, Nathan, Wendy and Adam; and to the many strong hands of our Courtenay Fire Department who immediately saved the business and minimized the potential damage. You are true angels!

Thank you for ALL your awesome support......Bernadette and Michael Pitcher.

We're looking forward to your "un - hibernation"!!

Enjoy a wide selection of fresh baked daily artisan breads and buns. Prepared by our Team with extra care to ensure you get the full measure of nutritious, wholesome baked goods. Got a "fav" , let us know.

Healthy Carbs, Thoughtful choices, Gluten Free and Organic options; the new year will see us bring you more and more throughout the North Island. Stay Tuned.

At GRAINS, we enjoy having our customers come in regularly to experience a warm friendly welcome, to discover wholesome food that gives them a great feeling of value, nutrition and good times. We strive to provide in all our baking and cooking, ingredients that are natural, fresh, and preservative free. In re-modelling the old bakery store we have captured the traditional feeling of warmth and welcome throughout by keeping things simple and the food fresh, tasty and affordable.

We take pride in our warm, friendly bakery. Our baked goods come out of the oven daily and go straight to our shelves, waiting for you. This ensures consistency of quality and gives the whole bakery that "fresh from the oven" aroma.

Please check out our "weekly coupons" section.

Grains Bistro " The Patio's the place!" enjoy the garden, the quieter corner of "off" downtown!!

Sit inside at the antique tables or enjoy our gardens on the patio; two great ways to escape for a favourite hot drink, quick breakfast or lunch at Grains. Browse the displays for tasty entrees, espresso bar drinks or a quick stop for fresh made sandwiches and soups. Our Chef prepares the soups, sandwiches and entrees from fresh ingredients each day.

Our goal is to offer a quick and healthy meal alternative in portion sizes that fit your budget.


What's for Dinner?


"Good To Go" Stocked afresh!.

Our resident chef "celebre" has created 14 different blends of the tastiest toppings to open/heat and serve on your choice of rice, noodle, panbreads , buns etc.


            Beef Bourgione                                                          Seared Mushroom Ragout

            Chicken a La King                                                       Creamy Pesto Primavera

            Tuesday Night Special (Goulash!)                                  Provencal Ratatouille

            Spinach & Feta                                                              Sauce Siciliano

            Creamy Spinach with Garlic & Dill                                  Madras Chicken Curry

            Marinara Sauce with "Smashed Meatballs                  "Spiced" Cauliflower & Peas

           3 Bean, Roasted Corn and Spinach              Oktoberfest Turkey w/Cut Vegetables

Each one is carefully prepared using meat and vegetable products from Vancouver Island producers.

Chef cuts, bakes and prepares the topping(s) in the Grains Kitchen and carefully portions each item.

No preservatives, no food additives, no artificial flavourings are used. Each product is fully baked, cooked and completed to give you a "heat&serve" type cooking experience, while leaving you with only the "satisfied' wholesome, healthy meal to linger at the end of a busy day.

When the time comes, each day and you say to yourself/your partner.......WHAT's FOR DINNER?

Grains To GO! ....try us, taste the difference, tell us your experience! We're in business to please.

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