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Grains Closes Sept.15, 2017

Reno's begin

Sept. 18 to October 12


Thank you All!



Cowichan Bay, BC                                          Summerland, BC


On September 18th a new journey begins for the "bakery" on 10th Street. For 40 years the facility has grown up with the Comox Valley. First as a BUNSMASTER Franchise then for the past 17 years as GRAINS BAKERY, the privately owned inspiration of Bernadette Pitcher.

September 18th, the day that TRUE GRAIN Bread Co., of Cowichan Bay, BC and Summerland, BC (see pics) will carry on the "baton" and bring yet another FRESH concept to our Valley.

With 10 years of experience on the South Island , True Grain brings its well proven artisaal organic, BC grown, locally milled grains to a wide variety of outstanding products for your delight!

Bernadette and Michael have enjoyed the full fruit of their efforts to bring you GRAINS BAKERY through the wonderful staff we have and the delicious healthy products.

Our Staff will be all continuing on to serve you in this new venture. As True Grain Bread Co. you will enjoy organic based, wholesome, fresh baked products with all of their happy, humourous antics.

YOU, are one of the most important ingredients. May you step back into the new "bakery" with all its warmth and enjoy yourself even more.

PLEASE NOTE: Your favorites can be ordered until Sept 12th for you to take home and freeze for the duration of the reno's.

Bless You All!!  B&M

Video Link: True Grain Milling






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