Daily Specials

Kaisers $4.09 a dozen

Seniors (60+) 10% OFF

Bagels $6.79 a dozen

Hot Dog Buns $3.39 a dozen

6 Free Artisan Dinner Buns with bread purchase
(limit of one serving per customer)

You're invited ..... come linger awhile !

We enjoy having our customers come in regularly to experience a warm friendly welcome, to discover wholesome food that gives them a great feeling of value, nutrition and good times. We strive to provide in all our baking and cooking, ingredients that are natural, fresh, and preservative free. In remodelling the old bakery store we have captured the traditional feeling of warmth and welcome throughout by keeping things simple and the food fresh, tasty and affordable.

We take pride in our warm, friendly bakery. Our baked goods come out of the oven daily and go straight to our shelves, waiting for you. This ensures consistency of quality and gives the whole bakery that "fresh from the oven" aroma.

Please check out our "weekly coupons" section.

Grains Bistro

Sit inside at the antique tables or enjoy our gardens on the patio; two great ways to escape for a favourite hot drink, quick breakfast or lunch at Grains. Browse the displays for tasty entrees, espresso bar drinks or a quick stop for fresh made sandwiches and soups. Our Chef prepares the soups, sandwiches and entrees from fresh ingredients each day.

Our goal is to offer a quick and healthy meal alternative in portion sizes that fit your budget.

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